Things to avoid that will make your wedding a Disaster

How to have an awful wedding……and how not to!

While your wedding day is going to be one of the best days in your life, it’s also a day that potentially could go wrong if not planned wisely. No matter how many times you cross things off your to-do-list, triple confirm with your vendors, and do a no-rain dance, you never know the crazy situations that may knock at your door during one of the most valuable and important days of your life.

The memory of your wedding day should only have good feelings and memories associated with it. But, what if someone’s misdemeanor or some minor devastation threatens to ruin it? Despite all the painstaking planning and numerous checks, some unexpected circumstances can give way to a few disasters, for which every bride needs to be prepared in advance.

Let’s have a look on what things can turn up your perfect wedding to an upcoming disaster:

Unexpected Weather Conditions

The outdoors is a great spot for weddings. The feeling of natural blowing air and the skies opening up adds an extraordinary effect on the day. But, what about weather complications!

When it comes to hosting an outdoor wedding, it’s mandatory to have Plan B as having Plan A. It means there can be any chances of unpredictable weather circumstances.

Unexpected Guests Turn Up

You have planned to have 500 guests to turn up for your wedding. But what happens when 550 turn up? The more the merrier, may not go with a situation like this.

Don’t panic, if 50 extra guests have turned up at your wedding. Do not let something so small ruin your day. So, always plan in advance and make arrangements for the extra guests. Because there are so many other things to worry.

Bad Quality of Food

This is the most common situation which turns up on almost every one’s wedding day. Taste and check every item before finalizing as it won’t create mess on the D-Day. You would definitely not like guests complaining about the food. After all, food is the most talked about at weddings.


The Dress of Your Dreams is a Nightmare to Wear

You have got the perfect and suitable wedding outfit. It fits you properly and suits you beautifully, and would make your guests go “Wwwooooowwwww”. But, what if on the last moment while wearing your dress gets torn up or something spills accidently on your dress?

So, you should be prepared with the alternative to correct it. Like you can have needle and thread if it gets torn while wearing on the day. Or you can have some club soda with you which act as an amazing on-the-spot cleaner.

Missed details for DJ waale Baabu

Give the DJ a list in advance on what song to be played during your entrance or if you have a dance performances make sure all the song lists are in place. Also the kind of genre to be played whether is Hindi, Punjabi or would you like to have some Hollywood numbers too mixed up.

Correct Details for Wedding Venue/Destination

Have proper arrangements for the reachability of the guests to the venue so that they don’t get messed up in searching for the place on the day.

Also, accommodation is must to be considered for the guests who will be arriving a few days before the wedding.

Negligent mistakes in Wedding Invitations

Complete information regarding time, venue should be mentioned as people will be running late.

A drunken brawl breaks out

Wedding is a time of mere celebration and merriment. But sometimes, too much of celebration can take a wrong turn for you. We all are aware of those rowdy relatives and friends who just cannot handle their drinks. Well, what if these drinkers ruin your D-Day?

You can prevent this situation by asking your bartender to keep a check on people who are drinking too much. Also ask him to water down their drinks or slip them a bit of lemonade or coffee occasionally.

Therefore, be very careful that your D-day should not become a disastrous day instead.

Stay tuned on “Tips to make sure that you enjoy your Wedding Day at the fullest”.