Creative Save the Date Wedding Invites to Announce Your Wedding

Creative Save the Date Wedding Invites to Announce Your Wedding

Weddings are getting not just bigger by the day, but quirkier.Yesteryears trends are left way long behind and couples are experimenting with all aspects of weddings. There is no longer the same old decor, the conventional red bridal outfits and the red-orange inked invitations. The latest fad that has caught the couple’s attention is digital invitations, popularly called as WhatsApp wedding invitations. They are not just easy to send across, but are highly creative wedding invites and can get anyone excited.

Save the Date Cards the best way to Announce Your Wedding

Some good years back something like “Save the Date” didn’t even find its existence in weddings and now it ’s almost inevitable. Save the Date cards are usually sent 2 to 3 months in advance to give thumbs up to your friends and relatives to start up their preparations. So there are no last minute excuses for not making it due to prior commitments. If you are going for a pre-wedding shoot you can use the images to say out the or get a one created yourself.  They need not be posted but send it through WhatsApp.  Just put on your creative hat on and surprise everyone.

Here are some cool  Save the Date Cards worth consideration.

To The Fairyland

You are getting married and definitely going to fairyland, quite literally marrying the man of your dreams is going to fairyland.  You can plan your pre-wedding shoot around something like this.

Save the Date Whatsapp Invitation
Courtesy Hemansh Verma

My Hoomans are getting married

If pets owe a special place in your heart and lives then let them announce your wedding. It’s fun shooting with your pets.


Courtesy Mahima Bhatia Photography
Save the Date Whatsapp Invitation
Courtesy Mishra Photography

Your favourite movie / Show theme

Is there any movie or a show that has awed you. How about letting out your love for the show/movie and your real life love announce your wedding date together.

Save the Date Whatsapp Invitation
How I Met Your Mother Inspired Save the Date


Cultural Wedding Theme

You can get our card designed around the customs or culture you follow. They look super cute and appealing and leave a lasting impression.



Maharashtrian Wedding Theme

Christian Wedding Theme

Rustic Theme

There is something different about rustic themes, they are an immediate attention seeker and remind you of old world charm and everything beautiful.

Humorous  Save the Date

You can also make it pretty interesting by adding loads of humour, but make sure to observe caution while sending it to some snoopy aunties and oddball uncles.

Save the Date Whatsapp Invitation
Source Pinterest


The possibilities are endless it’s all about what you can think off and what you have envisioned for your wedding invites. Sit down with a professional, chalk out your ideas and you can have a Save the Date invitation card in no time. The best is this cute little card needs no printing and is a  perfect WhatsApp  Wedding Invitation. You can also opt for a package for wedding invites wherein you get a Save the Date  Card complimentary with Wedding  Invitation  Website.

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