Beautiful Father-Daughter Moments from Real Weddings will Melt Your Heart

Beautiful Father-Daughter Moments from Real Weddings will Melt Your Heart

The Indian Weddings are altogether contorted into various enthusiastic moments. Be that as it may, with the wedding magnificence come the moments of sadness when the Vidaai Ceremony begins. While all others are enjoying the celebration time at the wedding, the bride experiences emotions that can’t be expressed in words. On one hand, she is happy to start a new journey with the man of her dreams, and on the other hand, she is sad about leaving her family behind. This moment is always filled with feelings and sentiments and gives a feeling of emptiness inside.

For a daughter, if a mother is the essence of discipline, then a father is like her partner in each and every crime! That’s why it is widely held belief that a girl is more attached to her father than her mother. There is a very special and distinct bond that a girl and her father shares; after all, he is the first man in her life. 

Daughters are always an exceptional part in the lives for fathers. Especially, when she is about to get married, the feeling of seeing the little princess transform into a gorgeous woman and moving away with the man of her dreams is truly priceless and very emotional. All her life she has been taken care of by her father and now she’s finally ready to start her own journey of building a family.

All  girls are Daddy’s little flowers forever—and it’s mandatory to keep close to him  on your wedding day! With all the run-abouts and the wedding madness, it’s easy to forget to take out just small moments to make your father feel special and thank him for each and everything he has ever done for you — right from the stage of bringing you to the world to arranging the wedding of your dreams!

So here are a few beautiful little moments that brides and their fathers share, and also to thank your father at the wedding!

Abundant Happiness

It’s never cool to part with the one you adore the most. Yet, on observing his little princess pushing forward a fresh start of her life, her dad overlooks every one of his pains and gets loaded with happiness. Here is one such snapshot of dad demonstrating his joy:

Happy Flashbacks

Very Difficult to Imagine Life Without Her

Since adolescence, her chuckling has perked up the entire house. Be that as it may, now that she will be gone tomorrow, it’s extremely exceptionally hard to envision life in future without her. Almost certainly how solid a man is, this one idea is all that could possibly be needed to make each dad’s heart overwhelming.

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Joyful Moment

A girl’s marriage brings out a lot of blended feelings in a dad’s psyche. The excitement of the wedding arrangements to make it the most joyful of his life. Be that as it may, as the day arrives, the rush of feelings returns in full power. Here is one such glad minute that portrays this snapshot of Joy.

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Full of Blessings

In the midst of the little girl’s wedding, memories that he has not reviewed in years directly flash before the father’s eyes. On her girl’s enormous day, her father gives his enormous blessings to her before she wanders ahead on the new voyage called as marriage.

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Another man in her Life

The ever thought of giving his wonderful little girl to the person whom he on occasion knows or has most apparently just met begins to give him eager evenings. In his heart, he wishes that the new man in his princess’ life should keep her protected and happy as he did constantly. Here is a lovely moment, when the father runs with his little princess to take her towards the new man of her life.

Gautam Khullar Photography

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All his Happiness and Wishes for her Princess

Seeing his little girl’s circle getting moved towards another man, it truly makes a standout amongst the most troublesome minutes for a dad. Here the bride imparts an extremely exceptional minute to her dad at one of the wedding ceremonies. A minute that leaves both of them makes the most of their opportunity amid the most recent days when her daughter has him as her bestest man.

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A blissful Dance

From newborn children to little child to tween to youngsters, a dad has the greatest effect on his lil princess until the point that the time she turns into a lady. He is the only person who shapes her assessment about men. Examine this flawless picture of dad girl couple who stole away a unique minute amid the wedding services.

Candid Wedding Stories

He never truly donates her

Regardless of whether its kanyadaan or strolling down the walkway with the bride, a dad genuinely assumes a fundamental part in his princess’ wedding. This is where he formally puts his girl’s hand in the hand of the groom. Among the innumerable Indian wedding ceremonies that are trailed by various networks, here is one where the dad hands over the bride’s hand in the bride’s hand amid the kanyadaan function.

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A tranquil wedding moment

Amidst blended feelings that a bride and her dad experiences amid the wedding, here is a photo that entireties it all perfectly. Their eyes are shimmering with tears yet there is tranquility on their countenances and a small smile on their lips with the desires for the new stage that lies ahead.

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Happiness in the Eyes

The little princess whom he educated to venture out now all set to make another universe of her own. It is a brilliant inclination and he just prays to God to shower his lil princess and son-in-law with his blessings. Here is a photo of the bride and her dad amid the vidaai function.

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Most Emotional Moment – Vidaai

As the little girl takes her last steps from her parent’s place, abandoning all the unlimited memories, everybody sheds tears. Be that as it may, there is one such man who is remaining at the corner simply taking a gander at her lil princess. He is none other than the dad of the bride! Here is one picture that shows father-girl moment amid the vidaai function.

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Sharing a Heart Warming Moment

Nobody can’t avoid sharing this heart-softening moment where the daughter shares an endearing minute with her dad amid her vidaai. More often than not, men are not to shed tears too effectively, but rather when they move toward becoming dads, this is one minute that is certain to leave them emotional!

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These minutes are extremely exceptionally heart touching and influences you to sob, would it say it isn’t? Clearly a dad is dependably the best man for his girl and a little girl dependably remains her dad’s little-blessed angel.

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