Beautiful Father-Daughter Moments from Real Weddings will Melt Your Heart

The Indian Weddings are all twisted into a number of emotional moments. But with the wedding grandeur come the moments of sadness when the Vidaai Ceremony starts. While all others are enjoying the celebration time at the wedding, the bride experiences emotions that can’t be expressed in words. On one hand, she is happy to start a new journey with the man of her dreams, and on the other hand, she is sad on leaving her family behind. This moment is always filled with feelings and sentiments, and gives a feeling of emptiness inside.

For a daughter, if a mother is the essence of discipline, then a father is like her partner in crime! That’s why it is widely held belief that a girl is closer to her father than her mother. There is a very special and distinct bond that a girl shares with her father; after all, he is the first man in her life. And, she is always a little princess to him.

Daughters are always an exceptional part in the lives for fathers. Especially, when she is about to get married, the feeling of seeing the little princess transform into a gorgeous woman and moving away with the man of her dreams is truly priceless and very emotional. All her life she has been taken care of by her father and now she’s finally ready to start her own journey of building a family.

All  girls are Daddy’s little flowers forever—and it’s mandatory to keep close to him  on your wedding day! With all the run-abouts and the wedding madness, it’s easy to forget to take out just small moments to make your father feel special and thank him for each and everything he has ever done for you — right from the stage of bringing you to the world to arranging the wedding of your dreams!

So here are some very special & cute little moments that are shared between the brides and their fathers, and also to thank your father at the wedding!

Abundant Happiness

It’s never cool to part with the one you love the most. But, on seeing his little princess moving ahead a new beginning of her life, her father forgets all his pains and gets filled with joy and happiness. Here is one such moment of father showing his happiness:

Happy Flashbacks

Very Difficult to Imagine Life without Her

Since childhood, her laughter has cheered up the entire house. But, now that she will be gone tomorrow, it’s really very hard to imagine life ahead without her. No doubt how strong a person is, this one thought is more than enough to make every father’s heart heavy.

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A Moment of Joy

A daughter’s marriage brings out plenty of mixed emotions in a father’s mind. The excitement and energy of the wedding arrangements to make it the happiest time of his life. But, as the day approaches, the wave of emotions returns in full force. Here is one such happy moment that a bride shares with her father:

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Endless Blessings

During the daughter’s wedding, memories that he has not remembered in years now flashes before the father’s eyes. On her daughter’s wedding day, her father gives his blessings to her before she steps ahead on the new journey called as marriage.

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Two men in her Life

The ever thought of giving away his lovely daughter to the person whom he rarely knows or has most probably just met begins to give him restless nights. In his heart, he wishes that the new man in his princess’ life should keep her safe and happy as he did always. Here is a lovely moment, when the father accompanies his daughter to take her towards the new man of her life.

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All his Happiness and Wishes for her Princess

Seeing his daughter’s orbit getting shifted towards another man, it really makes one of the most difficult moments for a father. Here the bride shares a very special moment with her father at one of the wedding functions. A moment that leaves the two of them enjoys their time during the last days when her daughter has him as her best man.

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A blissful Dance

From infants to toddler to tween to teens, a father has the biggest impact on his lil princess right until the time she becomes a woman. He is the only one who moulds her opinion about men. Have a look at this lovely picture of father-daughter duo who stole away a special moment during the wedding ceremonies.

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He never truly “gives her away”

Whether its kanyadaan or walking down the aisle with the bride, a father truly plays an essential role in his princess’ wedding. This is the moment where he officially places his daughter’s hand in the hand of the groom. Among the countless Indian wedding rituals that are followed by different communities, here is one where the father hands over the bride’s hand in the groom’s hand during the kanyadaan ceremony.

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A serene wedding Moment

In the midst of mixed emotions that a bride and her father experience during the wedding, here is a photograph that sums it all beautifully. Their eyes are glistening with tears yet there is serenity on their faces and a faint smile on their lips with the expectations of the new phase that lies ahead.

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Eyes Numb with happiness

The little girl whom he taught to take the very first step is now all set to make a new world of her own. It is a heavenly feeling and he just prays to God to shower his lil princess and son-in-law with his choicest blessings. Here is a picture of the bride and her father during the vidaai ceremony.

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An Emotional Vidaai Moment

As the daughter takes her final steps out of her parent’s place, leaving behind all the endless memories, everyone sheds tears. However, there is one such man who is standing at the corner just looking at her lil princess. He is none other than the father of the bride! Here is one picture that shows father-daughter moment during the vidaai ceremony.

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Sharing a Heart Warming Moment

No one can’t even resist sharing this heart-melting moment where the bride shares a heart-warming moment with her father during her vidaai. Usually, men are not to shed tears too easily, but when they become fathers, this is one moment that is sure to leave them emotional!

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These moments are really very touching and makes you weep, isn’t it? It is obvious that a father is always the best man for his daughter and a daughter always remains her father’s little angel. If you too want to get featured and you have any special/emotional moment of your wedding, do let us know in the comment section below.