About Wedding Tweet

WeddingTweet is for the people who are looking to simplify the wedding invitation process. WeddingTweet aims at minimizing efforts required for card selections, writing namecards and posting them via mails. We, alternatively, lay down your dream wedding invitation on the web canvas, handcrafted just the way you like : traditional, modern, quirky, vintage, name it and we will have it designed.

With very simple to use tool you can create your online wedding invitation website  all by yourself in just few steps. Choose your favourite theme from our Invitation Themes Section or get inspired from Existing user tweets , upload your details and you are ready to invite. The themes are designed keeping in mind the latest trends and varied choices.  We make  constant efforts to add  new wedding themes  keeping abreast with the latest trends.Yet in case you don’t find what you are looking for or you have something that you want us to customise as per your ideas  don’t get disheartened. Just get in touch with us. We are all ears and will get it customised the way you like .Even if you are sceptical about the idea you can still talk to us  and we are sure  to give you wedding invitation website that you will love sharing around.

And it just gets better when you invite all people across sitting on your favourite couch sipping a cup of coffee or on your shopping spree.With Just a single click using powers of your social networking accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and of course e-mail and whatsapp you can invite all your guests.
Just tweet around with weddingtweet.com It’s fun,saves time & paper too !